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Mt. Huangshan, a World Cultural Heritage site in Anhui Province of China, has inspired lots of poets and attracted endless hikers with its matchless scene of grotesque rocks, dramatic pines and seas of clouds, snow scene. And the nearby Hongcun and Xidi ancient villages are also charming with their traditional Huizhou architectures and the rich culture behind them.

Huangshan map

Named after the famous scenic spot Yellow Mountain, Huangshan City is a prefecture-level city in southernmost Anhui Province of China, with Zhejiang and Jiangxi Provinces on its neighbors. The city recently governs 3 districts (Tunxi, Huangshan, and Huizhou) and 4 counties (Shexian, Yixian, Xiuning, and Qimen). It is a major tourism city in Anhui Province, with a blend of brilliant natural landscape and splendid history and culture of ancient China.

Huangshan's history can date back to the early Qin Dynasty (221-207 BC). At that time, it is called Huizhou area. After the development of centuries of time, this region has formed its unique economic and cultural system which is an indispensable part of the Chinese Culture, including Huizhou Mercantile, Huizhou clanism concept, Xin'an Lixue (a key school of Confucianism), Huizhou Cuisine, Huizhou architecture and arts, etc. Huizhou has become more than a geographical item, but also a cultural concept.

Even today, you can still sense the cultural heritage through the ancient villages and historic relics across the region, as well as in the local customs and ethos that have been passed down over generations among local members. Thanks to considerate protection of the cultural heritages, there exist in the city now nearly 5000 historical sites and relics preserved and some even become famous tourist attractions, including the ancient villages Hongcun and Xidi, which was madeUNSCO World Heritage Sites in 2000, and the Tangyue Memorial Archways in Shexian County, to name just a few.

Huangshan city is home to another UNESCO World Heritage Site, Yellow Mountain, 154 square kilometers of total area of 1200 square kilometers become some best tourist sights. Most peaks of Yellow Mountain are more than 1,000 meters in altitude, making it an ideal place for hiking. Famous for the four natural wonders, namely quaint pines, grotesque rocks, sea of clouds, and hot springs, as well as its abundant resources and great variety of species, Yellow Mountain is regarded as "the Natural Galley of Landscape Paintings".

Mid September through mid November can be the most suitable time for a travel to Huangshan, when the weather is pleasant and tourism peak time can be avoided.

  • Air quality: ★★★★★
  • Foreigner-friendly degree: ★★★★
  • Public security degree: ★★★★
  • Hygienic degree: ★★★★
  • Traffic jam degree: ★★☆☆☆
  • Internationalization level: ★★★☆☆
  • Consumption level: ★★★☆☆
  • Language: Huizhou dialect
  • Best traveling season: Apr. to Nov.
  • Tourist resources: Landscape, Huizhou Culture
  • Airport to downtown: 5.5 km
  • Demographics: Han (97.1%), Hui (1.5%), Man (0.7%), She (0.5%)
  • Key words: Mt. Huangshan, pine, rock, cloud sea, Maofeng Tea, Hui ink stone.

Local Delicacies: Huizhou Preserved Mandarin Fish (Huizhou Chouguiyu徽州臭鳜鱼), White Gourd Dumpling (Donggua Jiao冬瓜饺), Frozen Rice Candy (Dong Mitang冻米糖), Lotus Cake (Furong Gao芙蓉糕), Fuling Rose Crisp (Fuling Meiguisu伏岭玫瑰酥), Farfalle (Hudiemian蝴蝶面), Preserved Toufu (Maodoufu毛豆腐), Huangshan Chukar Stewed with Gyrophora (Huangshan Shuangshi黄山双石).

Local Specialities: Maofeng Tea (Maofeng Chaye毛峰茶叶), Qimen Black Tea (Qimen Hongcha 祁门红茶), Hui Inkstick (Huimo 徽墨), Hui Inkstone (Huiyan 徽砚), Tribute Chrysanthemum (Gongju 贡菊), Huizhou Bamboo Weaving (Huizhou Zhubian 徽州竹编), Polygonatum Furniture (Yuzhu Jiaju 玉竹家具), Hui Bonsai (Huipai Penjing 徽派盆景), Woodblock Printing (Banhua 版画), Lacquered Engraving (Qike 漆刻), Lucid Ganoderma (Lingzhi 灵芝), Pecan (Shan Hetao 山核桃), Dried Bamboo Shoots (Sungan 笋干), Taiping Kowkui Tea (Taiping Houkui 太平猴魁).

    Useful lines:

  • 黄山区气象局 Huangshan Meteorology Bureau
  • 0559-8532270
  • 黄山报警服务台 Huangshan Police Service Center
  • 0559-8538110
  • 旅游投诉 Tourism Complaints
  • 0559-8500237
  • 黄山风景区服务电话 Mt. Huangshan Scenic Area Service
  • 0559-2580880 or 400-8899-808