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Lijiang, located in Northwest Yunnan, is magnetic with its tranquil ancient town and tons of beautiful scenery and ethnic minority group custom.

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Lijiang is supposed to be a visionary place for people who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of worldly affairs, while it is losing its original appeal because of its booming tourism. Tourists constantly pour into the ancient town and swarm toward its scenic spots, which is overwhelming indeed. However, this place is still worth seeing for it embraces a special kind of beauty.

Located where the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau meet, Lijiang is a multi-ethnic settlement with a total population of over 1.1 million. It is right at the junction of the three branches of Jade River, and enjoys a subtropical highland climate which is fairly mild in winter and rather cool in summer. With a history as long as 800 years from Song Dynasty (960 - 1279), the Old Town of Lijiang was proclaimed UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Lijiang's tourism resources are represented by "one mountain (Jade Dragon Snow Mountain), one ancient town (Old Town of Lijiang), one lake (Lugu Lake), one river (Chinsha River), and one culture (Dongba Culture)". Moreover, the imposing Tiger Leaping Gorge (Hutiao Xia), the antique Shuhe Ancient Town, as well as the picturesque Black Dragon Pool (Heilong Tan) are all nice places which will impress you for sure.

Apart from its various tourist attractions, the distinctive Dongba Culture of the minority Naxi people is also a great appeal to travelers. This long and famous culture is now kept alive by about 300,000 people and their language and writing is regarded as a "precious cultural relic of mankind". Strolling in the Naxi villages and watching the traditional Naxi dance, you can take a glimpse of the local life, an experience unobtainable in anywhere else.

Visiting Lijiang, you may as well plan for the right timing so as to fully appreciate different attractions because even a same scenic spot may be fantastic in one season while unattractive in another. For instance, winter may not be a good timing to see the breathtaking momentum of the Tiger Leaping Gorge for it is the dry season, but instead one can go to see the snow mountain bathing in the ample sunshine. June and July are the rain season during when the road condition to Lugu Lake becomes comparatively difficult, yet it is the perfect timing to enjoy the sight of the verdant ocean of grass there.

  • Air quality: ★★★★★
  • Foreigner-friendly degree: ★★★★
  • Public security degree: ★★★★
  • Hygienic degree: ★★★★
  • Traffic jam degree: ★★☆☆☆
  • Internationalization level: ★★☆☆☆
  • Consumption level: ★★☆☆☆
  • Language: Mandarin, Southwestern mandarin
  • Best traveling season: Jun. to Oct.
  • Tourist resources: landscape
  • Airport to downtown: 28 km
  • Demographics: Han (43%), Naxi (21%), Yi (18%), other minority groups (18%)
  • Key words: plateau water town, Naxi music, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Tea-horse Ancient Roadway.

Local Delicacies: Lijiang Glutinous Rice Cake (Lijiang Ciba丽江糍粑), Worm Grass Steam Pot Chicken (Chongcao Qiguoji虫草汽锅鸡), Black Goat Hot Pot (Heishanyang Huoguo黑山羊火锅), Blow Liver (Chuigan吹肝), Rice Sausage (Miguanchang米灌肠), Buttered Tea (Suyou Cha酥油茶), Jidou agar-agar Jelly (Jidou Liangfen鸡斗凉粉), Preserved Ribs Hotpot (Lapaigu Huoguo腊排骨火锅), Naxi Hot Pot (Naxi Huoguo纳西火锅).

Local Specialities: Chenghai spirulina (Chenghai Luoxuanzao程海螺旋藻), Yongsheng Porcelain (Yongsheng Ciqi永胜瓷器), Lijiang Dongba Batik (Lijiang Dongba Laran丽江东巴蜡染), Sanchuan Ham (Sanchuan Huotui三川火腿), Crab Apple (Haitangguo海棠果), Lijiang Wooden Craft (Lijian Muzhi Gongyipin丽江木制工艺品), Dongba Tapestry (Dongba Guatan东巴挂毯), Wumuchun Green Tea (Wumuchun Lvcha乌木春绿茶), Lijiang Snow Tea (Lijiang Xuecha丽江雪茶), Lijiang Gastrodia Elata (Lijiang Tianma丽江天麻), Matsutake (Songrong松茸), Lijiang Yin Wine (Lijiang Yinjiu丽江窨酒), SuLiMa Wine (Sulima Jiu苏理玛酒).

    Useful lines:

  • 丽江市旅游局咨询电话 Lijiang Tourism Administration Service
  • 0888-5123432
  • 丽江旅游局投诉电话 Lijiang Tourism Complaints
  • 0888-96927 or 0888-5123434