Ciqikou Old Town

Ciqikou Old Town is a well-preserved traditional and cultural district in the outskirt of Chongqing Municipal City, only 3 kilometers away from the sprawling and bustling city centre. In Chinese, the name "Ciqikou" means trading center of porcelain. Before early Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911), the town was originally named Longyin Town.

As Chongqing is an important inland river port, Ciqikou in ancient times served as a convenient commercial dock and market town. First built in the 10th century during Song Dynasty, Ciqikou gained climax prosperity during the Ming Dynasty with large quantity of goods trading and shipping by land and water everyday. Now, the town is one of the key cultural and conservational areas in Chongqing. Though it's opened to tourists as a tourism site, you don't have to pay to get in.

Pacing on the flagstone streets and allies in Ciqikou, you will leave behind the busy commercial world of Chongqing and take a break to enjoy for a moment the peaceful countryside lifestyle back to ancient times.

Today, most of the architectures along streets in Ciqikou still remain the style of Ming and Qing dynasties. Shops selling antique, porcelain, and other handicrafts such as souvenir gifts are often thronged by travelers and locals. Traditional tea houses and restaurants offer you opportunities to enjoy the quiet relax and appreciate some traditional folk shows such as the magical "Face Changing" show, which remains a big secret about how the performer switches his masks so quickly.

Besides the commercial streets, the town offers you some other attractions as well, such as temples, old courtyard compounds, all of which impacts you a sense of peace and comfort.