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    Looking for a China city tour to fill your brief stay gap? Then you can check out the following hot trip deals loaded with the local highlights and main attractions. The privately escorted tours enable you to dive into China beauties and culture beyond even in limited time. All the tours are private and freely customizable.

    Top Destinations

    Historical narrative and modern pulse of this capital city can be explored from up close...


    Ancient dynasties' glory is present in the guarding Terracotta Warriors and ramparts of the City Wall...


    Ever-soaring skyscrapers, art deco architecture, French Concession streets tell a unique Shanghai story...


    Tranquil Li River, karst landscape and countryside scenery make this small city a dream destination...


    Cobbled old towns, snow mountain ranges and ethnic culture always stir the romance-seeking hearts...


    Buddhist monasteries, waves of pilgrims and breathtaking nature beauties fulfill this spiritual plateau land...


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