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Nihao, dear visitor. Welcome to China Private Travel! As an online travel agency, we are a wholly owned branch of Guilin Yuntong International Travel Service Co., Ltd (established in 2004, License No: L-GX00121) that has been sharing the secrets of China with travelers since 2004 and have been constantly purchasing to provide services of high quality.

China is a diverse and attracting country with her over thousand years of history, vast territories and rich minorities. As Confucius says, "How happy we are, to meet friends from afar!" You are our friends wherever you come from and will be catered with home comfort and "insider access". Catering to your own need, we arrange, customize and refine your China journey. Our trip expertise will commit to offering China travels with great comfort to you or an intimacy party of your family or friends. Our selected hotels, private vehicle and experienced local guide will guarantee you, your family and your friends a relaxing and carefree China trip.

We endeavor to offer flexible travel options and strive for refining the service.

Welcome to China and start your China exploration here!

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