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Bird's Nest and Water Cube Face Creative Renovation

Published on November 15, 2009 by Irene

Bird's Nest renovation will be launched from the ground floor to 6th floor. The 600-meter closed corridor of the 1st floor will be renovated into commercial pedestrian street. North closed corridor from the 3rd to 6th floor will be transformed into 17,000-square-meter hotels and the south part will become 3,700 meters clubs. The rest closed corridors will be turned into Olympic theme restaurants that will cater to the tasters of Chinese and western cuisines. Besides, some brand shops of sports goods and sportswear will be brought in.

Meanwhile, renovation will also be carried out in the Water Cube. Most of the temporary seats and stands will be dismantled. A building will be established at the south stand to house Olympic Games heritage and the exhibition hall showing the Water Cube fund-raising history. Another house will be built at the north stand to serve as the public fitness center and compartment for observing match and performance. The south closed space will build a 12,000-square-meter aquatic park; the existing view corridor will become commercial pedestrian street. It is predicted that all new facilities will come into service in the next half year.