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Chongqing-Dunhuang Flight Route Opened

Published on January 10, 2015 by Barbara

Chongqing-Dunhuang flight route was opened by China Express Airlines on 30th December 2014. Round-trip flights are available every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and have two stopovers in Lanzhou and Jiayuguan each way. The flight departs from Chongqing at 10:35, reaches Lanzhou at 12:20 for a 35-minute rest, then arrives at Jiayuguan at 14:15 for another 35 minutes and finally lands in Dunhuang at 15:35. Return flight leaves Dunhuang at 16:10, reaches Jiayuguan at 16:55 for a 35-minute rest, then stops in Lanzhou at 18:40 for 40 minutes, finishes the journey at Chongqing at 21:00.