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Frontier Tourism Policy Has Been Broadened

Published on June 24, 2009 by Irene

Guided touring in Heihe city

The frontier tourism policy has been further loosened by approving the business of handling travel certificate issued by the different place in pilot cities. The pilot cities covered Heihe city and Mudanjiang city in Heilongjiang, Chongzuo city in Guangxi and Dandong city in Liaoning.

Heihe is the first port city opened to Sino-Russian border and it had started one-day tour of China-Russian, generating a tourism income of 550 million CNY. This top-brand frontier tour of Heihe city had to be totally stopped for the policy cancellation in August 2005.

Nowadays, the above pilot cities resume the business of handling the frontier tourism certificate issued by the different place and reopen the frontier tour. It will surely do good to the local economic development. Citizens (including Taiwan citizens) can only join in the tour group to apply for the frontier tourism passport that is valid for 3 months. The mainland citizens with a long valid passport can skip the application and join in the tour with the presence of the passport.