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Cable Car of Dazhai Rice Terraces Started October 1st, 2012

Published on October 24, 2012 by Lori

Cable Car Going Over the Dazhai Fields

The Longji Dazhai (Jinkeng) Rice Terrace cable car started on October 1 to ease the tourist flood during the National Day Holiday. Via the cable car, the tourists can skip the hours' climb and easily reach the top (Golden Buddha Peak) in less than 20 minutes to have the overlooks of the most rice terraces. The single-way cable car takes RMB 60/person and round-trip is RMB 100/person.

Longji Rice Terraces in Heping mainly consist of Daizhai and Pingan. Compared to Pingan, Daizhai rice terraces are more impressive and relatively less touristy for its isolated location.