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Effort has been Made to Promote Shanghai Smoke-free Airports

Published on July 30, 2009 by Irene

A no smoke sign catching
the passenger's eye

Since May 15, in the three terminals of Pudong International Airport and the Hongqiao International Airport, smoking controlling publicity and hanging many smoking-ban signs in the public like lobby, restaurants, elevators and washrooms have been started to contribute to "smoke-free airport". It hopes that the carpet smoking ban can be fully taken out by the opening of 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

For many years, terminals of the two airports in Shanghai have been proposing no-smoking in the public area, but without the clear rule, the complete smoking prohibition couldn't be achieved.

But presently, Shanghai has been making endeavor to make smoke-free airports. Hongqiao Airport prohibits smoking in restaurants area, washrooms, office area as well as elevators to ensure passengers' health and fire safety at present. And the Pudong Airport has also been striving for the goal of smoke-free airport.

And for the smokers, there still will be 12 smoking rooms in No.1 terminal and 28 in the No.2 terminal of Pudong Airport as well as 5 smoking rooms in the Hongqiao Airport terminal.