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Fuel Surcharge Of Many International Routes Will Be Raised

Published on July 14, 2009 by Irene

Planes of China Southern Airlines

Since July 20, 2009 (date of issue), China Southern Airlines will adjust the fuel surcharge on the international routes with the rate raise ranging from 25% to 40%. And it covers almost all international routes of China Southern Airlines.

According to the situation, fuel surcharge between China and Europe flights will be raised from Euro 56 to Euro 75 for each leg if the air ticket is sold in Europe. And ticket sold in China will be raised from 500 CNY to 700 CNY for each leg with the highest 40% rate raise. Besides, same situation goes on the flights between China and America, China and Africa, Middle East and Africa, Europe and Middle Southern America. Fuel surcharge on the above routes would be raised from 500 CNY to 700 CNY for each leg.