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Wenchuan Earthquake Museum Was Opened On 12th May

Published on June 19, 2009 by Irene

Visitors in Wenchuan Earthquake Museum

Wenchuan Earthquake Museum of Sichuan Province, one important part of the Sichuan museum reconstruction cluster, opened on 12th May. The museum has covered 6000 square meters and the construction has cost about 30 million CNY. The collected exhibition items have served as true records in the dairy form narrating what had happened one month later of the disastrous earthquake. Over 30 exhibition halls consist of 512-612 heart-shaking diary, Seismic Art Museum, Science Museum with the earthquake objects, photos, text and so on. The loud speaker and the map that the Premier Wen Jiabao has used during the earthquake, the "strong pig" that has survived the disastrous quake, the disaster relief remaining and so on represent the process of earthquake resistance and the touching scenes of the disaster relief scene.