Jiuxiang, literally Nine Villages, is a scenic region which is 90 kilometers away from Kunming city in the Jiuxiang Yi and Hui Autonomous Township of Yiliang County. With its natural-born karst caves, waterfalls, rivers, valleys and thick forest, as well as its interesting traditional ethnic minority cultures, it has been complemented with convenient transport and recreational facilities and become an all-round tourist destination for anyone who wants to take a deep breath in the fresh air of the amazing nature.

Known as the "karst cave museum", Jiuxiang houses about a hundred karst caves of different shapes, sizes and styles. According to geologists, these caves were being developed since the Sinian Period, 600 million years ago, and are of important value for the regional study of ancient geology, ecosystems and animal evolvement in the past hundreds of thousands of years.

Jiuxiang constitutes five scenic areas, among which only Diehong Bridge scenic area is fully developed and now open to the public.

There are ten main scenic spots in Diehong scenic area, such as the Green Shady Valley, the Lying Dragon Cave, the Bat Cave, etc. The Twin Waterfalls, in particular, are very impressive as two roaring waterfalls falling down from the height of more than 30 meters, with the sound loud enough to deafen you. The Soul-Scaring Gorge (Jinghun Xia) is said to be the biggest underground canyon that was formed by constant undercutting of the Cornfield Rivers. It got its name in honor of the pioneers who tried to open up this tourist pathway with extreme care for not falling into the abyss.

With no heavy industries or pollution nearby, Jiuxiang, a paradise of fresh air and natural environment, can be counted as a perfect place for a visit.