Reed Flute Cave

The Reed Flute Cave (or Ludi Yan) is located on the south side of Guangming Hill (Bright Hill), in the northwest suburb of Guilin city, 5km away from the downtown. The cave got its name from a special kind of reed growing outside it, which can be used to make flutes. After more than 700,000 years of the limestone cave formation, it has gradually become an enchanting gallery of natural sculptures. Inside the cave there are about 70 age-old inscriptions which can be dated back to Tang Dynasty (618-907). Now with colorful artificial lighting illuminating different parts of the dark cave, tourists can get a better look at its beauty.

The cave is about 240 meters deep and its sightseeing course is 500 meters. Different shapes of stalactites, stalagmites and columns are staggered, forming numerous wonderful spots. They all have been given names in accordance with what they are supposed to resemble. Some spots are very well-known such as "Rosy clouds on the Lion Mountain", "Dragon Pagoda", "Flower-and-fruit Mountain", etc. "Crystal Palace", in particular, is the widest area inside the cave. Its space is just big enough for performing chamber music and it can easily achieve a similar sound effect of a music hall without using any loudspeakers or stereos.

The tourist guides will elaborate the interesting fairy tales at each spot in the cave. Those mysterious legends and folk stories may enable you to exert your own imagination.