Solitary Beauty Peak

Jingjiang Prince City is a scenic area in the center of Guilin city. It used to be the mansion of the Jingjiang princes in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). In the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), it was where the imperial examination hall was located. Today it has become a part of the campus of Guangxi Normal University. This scenic area is a good combination of manmade sites and natural beauty, in where the Solitary Beauty Peak stands upright.

The Solitary Beauty Peak enjoys the nickname of "Pillar of the Southern Sky" for it rises sharply from the ground, steep and imposing. Climbing up 306 stone steps, the Solitary Beauty Pavilion awaits you right on the top of the peak. It is an ancient-style pavilion in which you can have a perfect panoramic view of the city below.

The peak embraces many peculiar caves. One is the Dushu Rock (Study Rock) at the east foot of the peak. It is famous for its resemblance to a stone room with natural windows and beds inside. Taiping Rock (Peace Rock) is on the west side of the peak, which is like a spacious house with a big smooth yard and staggered and dazzling stalactites hanging down from the roof. Located in the east side of the peak is the Yueya Pond (Crescent Pond), along which willows and classic pavilions form nice scenery. Around the Yueya Pond, Snow Cave and Sun Yat-sen Memorial Tower also are good spots to see.

What's more, various ancient inscriptions on the peak are the perfect record of the peak's profound history.