Yulong River

Yulong River (or Dragon Meeting River) is the second largest river in Yangshuo, a major tributary of the Li River. With a length of 43.5km and a general width of 38-61 meters, it possesses the best water quality and the most peaceful surrounding scenery that make it a must-see attraction for those who pay a visit to Yangshuo. It is even said that it is a pity to go to Yangshuo without seeing the Yulong River.

Sitting on a bamboo raft and passing by verdant bamboos groves and pretty peaks on both sides, you may get lost in the tranquil atmosphere. Approaching the Yulong River Valley, you not only get to see the essence of Guilin's landscape, but also the idyllic villages, interesting water wheels, and various ancient bridges in distinctive shapes. One of the famous bridges here is Yulong Bridge which has a history of over 400 years. It is about 60 meters long, 5 meters wide and 6 meters high. In 1870 it was renovated with beautiful carvings of dragons, phoenixes and other exquisite patterns.

The Yulong Bridge is also where the bamboo rafting starts. Bamboo rafting is the major tourist activity in the Yulong River that is definitely worth a try in summer. It gives you a cool and enjoyable experience in the arms of nature. You can also take a bike ride from Yangshuo, following the banks of the Yulong River and taking the panorama of the small villages and rice paddies as well as all the picturesque landscape on both sides of the river. Great fun indeed!