Yuyuan Garden

Yuyuan Garden is the only restored classical Chinese garden in the Old City of Shanghai. The garden was created in 1557 by a man named Pan Yunduan as a place for his parents to live out their old age in peace and happiness. Over time and after the family of Pan Yunduan were gone the garden was not maintained and fell into disrepair and some of the grounds were taken over and used to build residential buildings, markets etc. In 1956 the Chinese government decided to restore the gardens to their former glory. After 5 years of work, in 1961 the gardens were opened to the public to be enjoyed once again.

When you step into the grounds there are many sights to feast your eyes upon. Abound with buildings, pavilions, sculptures, ponds, trees and beautiful areas the garden itself is divided into 6 areas. Some of the most famous sights in the garden are the Spring Transforming Hall, the Ancient Performing Stage, the Moon Pavilion, the Jade Rock (Yu Linglong), and the Great Rockery which is the first sight to greet you as you walk in. These are just a few of many lovely places. Another smaller garden was built separate in 1709 but now makes up part of the main garden. This area is quaint and charming and one of the prettiest areas in the whole gardens with its ponds, rockeries and flower walls.

When going to the Yuyuan Garden you will pass through the Yuyuan Marketplace or "Bazaar" which surrounds the area outside the garden. Founded in the mid 19th century, the Bazaar is a nice place to wander and explore its maze of small streets and alleys which are quite narrow and pedestrian only. You will also find the "Temple of the Town Gods" here is another popular place to see. Most of the buildings in the bazaar were built during the Qing Dynasty and have a beautiful Chinese Architectural design. The stores sell all types of goods and you can pick up souvenirs of your visit to Shanghai or Yuyuan, or you can try some of the local cuisine and one of the many restaurants and stalls.