China Travel FAQ

Chongqing Travel FAQ & Tips


When is the best time to travel Chongqing?

April, May, October, November are generally considered as comfortable time to visit Chongqing. And yet rain and fog are common most of the time.


How to get to Chongqing?

By Air

Jiangbei Airport, 23 km north of the downtown, has frequent flights to most of China main cities like Chengdu, Kunming, Guiyang, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, etc.

A taxi ride of CNY 45-55 can transfer you from the downtown to airport. The airport shuttle bus from Shangqing Temple (上清寺) departs every 30 minutes from 6am-8pm at a cost of CNY 15.

By Train

Caiyuanba Railway Station (菜园坝) and the North Station (重庆北站) are the two main railway stations in Chongqing. The North Station, opened from 2007, has departures to Chengdu, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xian, etc. while Caiyuanba offers services for Beijing, Kunming, Guiyang and Xian, etc.

By Bus

There are several long-distance bus stations in Chongqing. The main Bus Station is Chongqing Bus Station (菜园坝) in Caiyuan Lu, nearby the Chongqing Railway Station, with buses to Chengdu, Leshan, Dazu, Wanzhou, etc. while Chongqing Chaotianmen Bus Station (朝天门), near the docks has bus service to Chengdu, Wanzhou, etc.

By Water

From Chaotianmen Wharf (朝天门码头), ferries daily go to Shanghai, Nanjing, Hankou and Yichang.

How to get around Chongqing?

Transportation in Chongqing is quite developed and consists of taxis, buses, the light rail, the escalator, etc. The bike tends to be the last transportation option for the local steep and step-filled mountain landscape.

Taxi flag down fare is RMB 5 (RMB 6 after 9pm).

Most of public buses charge RMB 1-2 and run from 5:30am to 9pm. Handy buses are bus 401 with the stop at Chaotianmen Dock and Shangqing Temple (Zhongshan San Lu), bus 103 and 503 connecting Caiyuanba and Chaotianmen. Bus 141 to Chaotianmen and bus 105 to Linjiangmen (Liberation Monument) leave from the north train station.

The light trail network is expanding. The useful light rail line 2 (6:30am-10:30pm) stretches from Jiaochangkou (较场口) of downtown to Xinshancun (新山村) in west Chongqing. Night ride is advised to take in the typical mountain city view. The highlight section with the river scenery is between Linjiangmen (临江门) and Niujiaotuo (牛角沱). The fare depends on the distance with a start price of RMB 1.

The long and steep Huangguan Escalator (皇冠大扶梯) connects the Caiyuanba train station (菜园坝) and Lianglukou subway (两路口). A single ride takes couple minutes and RMB 2.


Where can I hunt for local cuisine?

Hot-pot, the chili oil broth is part of the Chongqingers’ daily life and can been seen everywhere, from street stalls to fancy dining booths.

Nanbin Lu food street (南滨路), Beibin Lu (北滨路), Bayi Lu (also name Good Eat Street, 八一路), Ciqikou Town (磁器口) . The more upscale hotpot experience and wider dining options can be found in Beibin Lu where more large restaurants of different-taste cluster.


Where can I go for shopping in Chongqing?

Shopping stores thrives around the Liberation Monument (解放碑). Liberation Monument offers the upscale shopping malls--Maison Mode Times(美美时代百货), Metropolitan Plaza (大都会广场), midrange stores--New Century Department store (新世纪百货) and Chongqing Department Store (重庆百货大楼) to the French supermarket chain--Carrefour, etc. Shapingba Three Gorge Square (沙坪坝三峡广场), Yangjiaping (杨家坪) and so on also provide several nice shopping choices.


Where can I go for my spare time?

Many fancy entertainments like bars, night clubs, Karaoke, etc. bustle in Deyi World (得意世界) near Liberation Monument. Nanbin Lu Bar Street (南滨路酒吧街), Shaxiaba Sanxia Square, Foreigner’s Street offer you more affordable hangout options.