Hong Kong Trams

Many double-decker buses can be seen crawling their own way along the busy Hong Kong streets. They are the trams that only run in 6 main routes between Shau Kei Wan and Kennedy Town in Hong Kong Island. The trams starting from 6am-12pm stop every hundreds of meter and charge 2 HK$ for adults and 1 HK$ for children and senior citizens for the whole ride. Tram fare can be paid by cash or Octopus Card or Monthly ticket. Unlike the ordinary buses, trams have their exit in the front door and entrance in the rear. Moreover, the trams stop at the bell ring "Ding Ding" (so the trams are locally nicknamed as Ding Diing) without stop announcement.

Activities of the locals can be seen on the trams: taking brief snap, reading newspaper/book, enjoying the sea breeze, glimpsing at the passing grocery stores, traditional trading markets, local residences, etc. And maybe that could explain why for so long the time-is-money Hong Kong people still are obsessed with this snail-pace vehicle--to have slow control in the fast pulse of this busy city and city life.

The trams have survived the village-turn-metropolis period of Hong Kong, but this running fossil still unavoidably involves in the tide of change. According to announcement of the tram company in 2010, for the passenger's convenience, the trams will undergo a carriage renovation with upgrading addition of the route map, LED info screen, stop announcement, etc , which is expected to be finished within 6-7 years.

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