Repulse Bay

Located in the south of Hong Kong Island, the Bay was used as a base by the pirates, who was later repulsed by British Army; hence the name. Other theory has it that it was named after HMS Repulse once stationed on the Bay. However, its Chinese, Qianshui Wan, means shallow water bay, a revelation of its geographical characteristics—shallow and clean water with soft sands on a flat and vast beach and mild climate all the year round. Not only is it a place to relieve the heat of Hong Kong for the locals, but a "must" for tourists.

The once renowned Repulse Bay Hotel, built in 1920, is located on the Bay. Royalties and celebrities around the world like George Bernard Shaw used to seek refuge at the hotel. What gave the hotel worldwide fame was when it became the setting for Hollywood classics "Love is a Many Splendored Things". The Hotel was finally demolished during 1980s. Today, a lot of luxury apartments and villas are built on the site, making it the most exclusive and expensive residential area in Hong Kong. Besides, shopping malls, elegant restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, cafes are also constructed there. The site has now become a popular area for relaxation, dinning and shopping.

The beach stretches long with soft and golden sand on it. Water is clean and blue, reflecting the azure blue sky. During summers, shark prevention nets and floating will be set up, and lifeguards will be on duty; hence swimming and sunbathing are popular among both locals and tourists. Apart from aquatic activities, visitors can divert themselves by watching sunshine. A park called Zhenhai Tower Park is nearby, in front of which sit huge statue of Kwun Yum and Tin Hau. It a peaceful place to escape away from hustle and bustle of Hong Kong and worth checking out. You may not miss it.