Stanley & Stanley Market

Stanley is a town located on a south-eastern peninsula on the island of Hong Kong. Chek Chu is the original Cantonese Chinese name of the town. When the British colonies took control in the mid 19th century, it was renamed after Lord Stanley (Secretary of State for War and the Colonies).

Today Stanley is a popular place for both foreign visitors and people getting out of Hong Kong Central for a break. Originally a fishing village, the area now attracts people with its beaches, restaurants, bars and shops.

Stanley Market is its most famous attraction where tourists come to wander the labyrinth of streets and lanes to browse and buy a large range of goods. Silk clothes, sportswear, arts and crafts and souvenirs are just some of the items on offer, though most guides warn tourists not to be overcharged for items that can be bought cheaper elsewhere.

Murray House is another popular spot which is the oldest example of western architecture. Originally a colonial barracks in Central, it was moved here brick by brick in 1982 and now holds restaurants and the Maritime museum. Other attractions include Tin Hau Temple (Queen of Heaven Temple) which was built in 1776, Stanley Prison's Correctional Services Museum and the Old Stanley Police Station, built in 1859.

After touring the area, many people enjoy spending some time on one of the local beaches and going for a swim, and when hungry or thirsty the main street on the waterfront has many different bars and restaurants of different styles to choose from.