Po Lin Monastery

Known as "the sacred place of the Buddha in the south", Po Lin Monastery is the first of the 4 most popular monasteries in Hong Kong. It is located on Ngong Ping Plateau on Lantau Island. It was built by three reclusive monks from Jiangsu Province in 1905(or 1906 according to some literatures). Its initial name was the Big Hut. Not until 1924 did it ge its current name, which means Precious Lotus in Chinese.

Even before 1960s, it remained a small temple with three Buddha representing past, present and future respectively. It was then only accessible by walking. In 1970s, grand new monastery buildings including the palace-like Mahavira Hall and the solemn Heavenly King Hall opened. Characterized by tranquility and solemnity, these structures are colorful with red outer walls and yellow roof tiles. Meanwhile, gardens and pavilions outside were built in great harmony with the natural environment in Ngong Ping. Within the main hall, the three Buddha sit on three Lotus flowers, with the floor adorned with Lotus flower pattern. By the courtyard, real lotus flowers grow in blossom out of the muddy ground, a revelation of possibility to remain purified even in dirty environment.

Other attractions nearby include the Tian Tan Buddha, the world's largest, seated, outdoor bronze statue of Buddha completed in 1993 as an extension of the Monastery, the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car, on which visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of Lantau Island. Besides, Po Lin Monastery is also famous for its wooden bracelets, you may not miss it.